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Sponsorship Day 1st December


*رسالة من المكتب العالمي*

Hello everyone,

Sponsorship Day

1 December is the Second Annual NA Sponsorship Day, one of the annual celebrations created as a result of a motion passed at the 2018 World Service Conference. We have created a special Sponsorship Day medallion for the occasion that will be available in two different color combinations. We’ll have information posted soon on the Sponsorship Day flyer posted on our events page. Let us know how you plan to celebrate Sponsorship Day—email 

الأحد ١/١٢/٢٠١٩ الاحتفال السنوي الثاني بيوم التوجيه ، في ميدالية خاصة راح تصدر قريباً من المكتب العالمي بخصوص هذا الاحتفال ، التفاصيل كاملة راح تتوفر قريباً لجميع الزمالات